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The Metabolic Diet Program has been recognized as the best weight loss program in the area by the North Haven Citizen (May, 2014 and May 2015). You are invited to join all the men and women who helped earn this award by successfully losing weight and regaining back their health.

The Metabolic Diet is designed to support your body's health by providing optimum nutrition according to your Metabolic Type. What you eat, when and how much, is crucial to successful weight loss.

The Metabolic Diet is individualized according to how your body works to provide optimum nutrition to burn fat and achieve health. A high protein diet may work for some people and a high carbohydrate diet for others; now you will know what works for you.

The Metabolic Diet Program is supervised by experienced naturopathic physicians who know that you must be healthy in order to lose weight successfully. You will have a weight loss coach with whom you will meet with regularly. She will help you to successfully reach your weight loss goals.

Our doctors will also determine factors that are in the way of you regaining your health and blocking you from shedding the fat! A thorough history and physical exam, along with standard and specialized laboratory testing, will be used to assess the problems that may be getting in your way.

Meet Your Weight Loss Coach, Erin

I am passionate about supporting, motivating and encouraging as many people as I possibly can to achieve their health and weight loss goals, and to help people be the best that they can be.

Together we will identify triggers, make plans to overcome obstacles, set short and long term goals, address stress and emotional eating while always staying motivated and accountable. We will design a meal plan from whole foods that you prefer based on your metabolic type. Most importantly, we will fine-tune the foods that you eat to find that “magic” ratio that works for YOU!

We will do all this with a lot of joy and laughter which is a great stress reliever and good for the soul!I have spent my entire life living a natural, healthy lifestyle and enjoy learning everything I can about weight loss, exercise, nutrition, and health. I believe everyone has the ability within themselves to make the right choices and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to support and guide you along your journey to weight loss and better health.

Do not put off until Monday what you can do today. Let’s get started… ”YOU CAN DO THIS!”

Working as a weight loss coach since 2015, I have helped many people lose weight and achieve better health using the Metabolic Typing Program. I am certified in holistic nutrition. I am also a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist from the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association and have started the journey to become a Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and have a level one certification.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and two dogs. I like to jog, strength train, and learn everything I can about the latest research on nutrition and exercise.

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